Drinking water

FAQ – Drinking water

  • Where will the sediment separated from the pipeline with the help of the device go?
    It’ll go with the water flow in drinking water and end in the sewer; in closed systems (e.g., central heating, cooling) the sediment will be separated with the help of special filters.
  • Will we have to drink up all that your device dissolves from the sediment?
    The old sediment will dissolve and move on the pipeline in the forms of extremely small particles – ions, which can’t be seen by the naked eye in a glass of water, for instance. The sediment has formed mostly due to salts causing the hardness of water – these salts (Ca, Mg) aren’t harmful, on the contrary!
  • Is there a danger that when the existing sediment goes, the pipes will be leaking?
    A layer of sediment won’t make it any stronger – if the pipe is in such bad shape, it ought to be repaired as soon as possible – sooner or later it won’t stand the pressure and will give in.
  • Does the effect of the Bauer device reach all parts of the pipeline?
    The effect of the device will stay for 7 days in cold water, ab. 2 days in hot water (depending on the temperature of the water). If the water isn’t consumed during that time, the minerals will return to the original state. Not so much the length of the pipeline matters, as water consumption and time
  • Is a fluctuating magnetic field harmful and will the magnetic field interfere with the operation of any other equipment?
    A magnetic field is created only at the installation location of the coil tube of the device, in the water or boiler room, where no one is present, as a rule. At one metre from the device the strength of the magnetic field is as big as a toaster or electronic clock.
  • How will Bauer device treatment affect the quality and taste of the water?
    Sediment and corrosion (metal dissolution) will often result in a taint of water. If corrosion stops, the quality and taste of the water will improve.
  • If hot water doesn’t run at a constant temperature – it “fluctuates”, so to speak, will Bauer equipment offer any solution?
    If the issues are caused by temperature or pressure changes in the shower or any other hot water system, then soon after the taking into use of the Bauer device these issues will disappear. The formation of scale sediment on mixers, taps or any other water equipment will stop too.
  • If your device yields results so marvellous, then why isn’t it installed at once when the building of a new pipeline or the renewing of an old one is commenced?
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t depend on us, rather than on the owners and builders of the real estate, even though several associations, firms and companies, having become convinced in the efficiency of our equipment, have planned using Bauer equipment to protect their property as early as when starting construction works.